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Pangasius or Cream Dory Fish Processing

Pangasius or Cream Dory is an important fish food, farmed extensively in many parts of the world. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is pushing for the development of the cream dory or Pangasius fish industry in the country because of its high market demand to local and foreign restaurants particularly in Europe. It is locally known as “kanduling itim” and is a relative of the hito and the kanduli. ...

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Duhat or Java Plum Wine Processing

Duhat (Sizygium cumini (L.) Skeels) or Java Plum is a fruit tree of wide distribution here in the Philippines and other tropical countries. The fruits occur in loose cluster, having variable shape from ellipsoid to ovoid, with pulp color ranging from grayish white to purple. It is harvested during the months of March until June. Duhat fruit is rich in antioxidants. Duhat wine has purplish-red color, aged in ...

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How to make Eucheuma Seaweeds Candy

Eucheuma Candy is made of eucheuma seaweeds, milk, sugar and fruits. According to the people who were asked to judge its taste, they found it highly acceptable. Eucheuma contains fats, sodium, carbohydrates, protein and minerals that are essential for health. Aside from its being delicious and nutritious, euchema candy making can be a profitable livelihood project With a very low start-up capital. This mean ...

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How to make Tilapia Lamayo

In the Philippines, dried fish products are very popular including daing na bangus, tinapa, tuyo, danggit, etc. It is one of the Filipino's favorite breakfast food because aside from being nutritious, it is convenient to cook and easy to prepare. Best paired with garlic rice and tomato salad or sometimes combined with a spicy vinegar dipping sauce. Another popular style of fish preparation is Lamayo, the fr ...

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