Meal in a Box

meal_in_boxMeal in a Box is the best Grab-and-Go meal to hit the metro! We serve fresh, delicious and affordable dishes prepared upon ordering. Choose from a wide variety of tummy-filling choices prepared chao fan style!

Meal in a Box is one of the concept more

Sisig Rocks! Foodcart

sisig_rocksSisig Rocks! are the first sisig kiosk to expand from the usual chicken and pork menu, and extended two (2) of our best sellers in Boracay, which is Tuna Sisig and Tofu Sisig. Our sisig’s recipe is derived from where sisig is originated which more


shawarma_houseSHAWARMA House, one of the food cart concept developed by MyFranchise. SHAWARMA House main products are Beef with Veggies Shawarma and All-Meat Shawarma, made with 100% Pure Beef, Home-made Pita, Fresh tomato, onion and cucumber.

Creative Food more

Fusion Korea

fusion_koreaFusion Korea is the first Korean inspired food cart business in the Philippines offering a wide variety of authentic Korean food at a very competitive prices.

Fusion Korea serves original recipe passed down to generations. Fusion Korea mouth-watering more

Dr. Kwek-Kwek, Eggspecialist

dr.kwek_kwekDr. Kwek Kwek is a company based in the Philippines owns and operates by DR Eggspecialty Trading, Inc. This food cart mainly sells Kwek-kwek and Tokneneng and a variety of fried balls. The concept of Dr. Kwek-Kwek is making available popular “street more

Bubble Frosty Pearl Shake

bubble_frostyBubble Frosty is a business enterprise offering pearl shakes at affordable prices with 28 healthful and delicious flavors.

The Bubble Frosty variety of Pearl Shake are The Fruity flavors such as Avocado, Buko, Buko Pandan, Mango, Melon, Pineapple more

Looy’s Roasted Chicken

looys_roasted-chickenLooy’s Roasted Chicken, the newest concept in the line food cart business by C8 Best Franchising Corporation. Looy’s Roasted Chicken was created and the company believes that one day this will gives a positive feedback in the Industry.

C8 more

Brgy. Silog

brgy_silogBrgy. Silog offers SUPER AFFORDABLE and SUPER DELICIOUS Filipino Favorite Meals! Our Altanghap Sarap meals started at prices as low as 20 pesos for Burgersilog to 35 pesos for Tapsilog and 45 for Liemposilog! With more than 10 different meals more

E-Travel Cafe

e-travelcafeE-Travel Cafe is the newest coffee shop to offer coffee and pastries. However, what E-Travel Cafe differs from the rest is that it offers coffee and pastries from around the country and the region as well. You can sample regional coffee varieties more

Svetat’s Healthylicious Café

svetats_healthyliciousSvetat’s Healthylicious Café is the first cafe in Cebu where you can find everything, Healthy and Delicious, from 100% Fruit and Veggie Smoothies with no sugar and artificial sweeteners. Svetat’s Healthylicious Café also serve Sugar Free more