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Image of, the first and only rice retailing franchise company in the Philippines. It was owned and managed by Ramilton James Alenton, Managing Director/CEO. offers high quality and competitively priced rice products. From well known provincial sources with even 60 years experience in the industry like Bulacan, Isabela, Pampanga, Pangasinan, Nueva Ecija and more, their rice products are well planted, harvested and milled first class to ensure product value, create high demand and quick reordering. started offering franchise since July 15, 2011.

Franchise Details:’s 3 in 1 Business

Complete Silver Franchise

  1. BIGASAN WHOLESALE/RETAIL- selling pure commercial rice varieties direct from their big local rice mills and this ensures Quality, Cleanliness and Right Weight that all consumers should have as they purchase the products.
  2. LOADING STATION- their partner distributor carries all three major cellular phone companies in the Philippines such as SMART, GLOBE, and SUN. This gives an opportunity for retailers to transact airtime loading for all three telcos, this also includes PIN Based Products.
  3. BILLS PAYMENT FACILITY- their facility provider have gained the trust and confidence of several major Services and Utilities companies in the Philippines. This empowers franchise store to handle bills collection ranging from telephone, water utilities, power companies, insurance providers, and even cable companies. They do not charge any premium for the collection service. This ensures customers that only their amount due is what is needed to be paid. Nothing more, nothing less.

Franchise Package :  Php350,000.00

Franchise Bundle:

  • (1) 3’ x 7’ acrylic signage
  • (4) 3’ x 7’ tarpaulins
  • Flyers and other media ads
  • 30 sacks initial stock inventory
  • Digital weighing scale
  • 7 type commercial rice dispenser
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Barcode scanner
  • NFA license
  • Bills payment facilities
  • Plus newly added business (Loading station, Bills payments)
  • BKC inventory system
  • Use of trade name and logo



  • Letter of intent
  • Completed application form – Click here to download!
  • Location map
  • 2 copies of 2 X 2 recent picture
  • Photo copy of valid Id’s
  • Initial Payment of Php160,000.oo
  • Approved Location
  • Good financial background
  • Learning time and adequate resources for the fast developing business operations

Why Franchise?

  1. Has the most powerful product of the country – RICE.
  2. Beginner-friendly start-up – With their low beginners plan, first time entrepreneurs are given a chance to start-up with a low cost but High Valued business.
  3. Effortless beginning – in 3-4 weeks upon signing of agreement, you should be already operational. From permits & store set-up until the actual operation the franchisee will be guided accordingly.
  4. Easy Management Plan –’s franchise system is designed for high productivity, time value and manpower efficiency.
  5. First and Original- The country’s FIRST and ONLY rice retail and wholesale franchise business.
  6. Supermarket quality rice products.
  7. Nation Wide and World Wide Market coverage-because of the website and online ads you do not only sell to passersby but the entire area around you.
  8. Online ordering- you will also receive orders from the head office gathered from customers using their website to order.
  9. Heavy Promotions and Advertising Campaigns- Your franchise will be covered with their year round calendar or Marketing promotions and campaigns for stronger customer relationship, business and product knowledge.
  10. Uses high tech distribution process, inventory system and communications’s franchise is well equipped with an inventory system to secure product trails and movements, resulting to faster and efficient reordering and sufficient inventory level.
  11. Has multiple suppliers- with well-known suppliers, is confident and ready to supply 7,000 franchisees everyday!
  12. Be a forever member- Contracts are renewed every 3 years with only paying 50% of the total franchise fee at the time of renewal. NO MORE PAYING OF SAME FRANCHISE PACKAGE AND FEE FOR YOUR EXISTING FRANCHISE
  13. Has the first and only commercial Rice Dispenser for retail.
  15. PROFITABLE!- rice wholesaling & retailing is a very profitable business in the Philippines.
  16. VERY EASY TO SELL!- Rice is the most needed product in the country.

Who can apply?

  • First time entrepreneurs
  • Overseas Filipino Workers
  • Business Owners
  • Retirees
  • Employees
  • Business enthusiast

Please download and print out Franchise Application Form (HERE)

Contact Information:
Block 6, Lot 36, Espina St., Maligaya Park Subdivision
Caloocan City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel: (02) 990 – (RICE)7423
Mobile: 09277966823

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