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GA2 Pharmacy

Image of GA2 PharmacyGA2 Pharmacy, one of the newest drugstore established in the Philippines offering effective and quality affordable generic medicines to the people. GA2 Pharmacy provides only BFAD approved medicines to ensure that their drugs are safe and effective.  The company is also committed to make their medicines and other health care products and services easily available to every Filipino.

GA2 Pharmacy  is now open for franchise to provide business-minded Filipinos an opportunity to venture into an industry with great profit potential and at the same time, to help in the economic growth of the country.

Franchise Details:

To know more about GA2 PHARMACY Franchise Package, they are inviting you to attend their free business seminar  every Monday to Friday at 10 am to 3 pm.

Details of GA2 Pharmacy Franchise will be discussed and presented during the seminar. This is also a good opportunity to ask question and learn more about GA2 Pharmacy.

If interested in applying for GA2 Pharmacy Franchise just send the following:
  1. Letter of intent
  2. Filled out application form
  3. Proposed Location ( with sketch and vicinity map)
  4. Resume with colored ID photo

Contact Information:

GA2 Pharmaceutical, Inc.
3270 C Armstrong Rd., Gasangco Bldg.
Brgy. Kalayaan Merville Access Rd.
Malibay District, Pasay City, Philippines
Contact Person: Ashley Bernardo, Franchise Officer
Tel: (02) 822-4719 or (02) 822-4023

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