Nateck’s Lumpia House

Nateck’s Lumpia House was first started as a very small operation by a determined husband and wife team, Renie and Carina Gonato in January 2009.  In the beginning, their lumpia was sold only in the surrounding neighborhoods.  Everyone loved the taste of Renie and Carina’s lumpias!  Soon, demand for their lumpia grew so much, that the operation had to grow. The two decided to form a company.  The name of “Nateck” was chosen because it is the nickname of Renie, given to him by co-workers during his time working at San Migel Brewing Company, in which he retired after 30 years.

Although the company started small, the demand for their product grew so rapidly that the entire operation had to grow as well. New equipment was purchased, additional employees were hired, and the entire facility was remodeled to ensure the highest quality standards could be achieved. The company was well under way.

In just two short years, the company has grown from a small operation of just two determined people into a full size company, which employs 20 full-time personnel and a host of part-time & contract workers.

With the success of Nateck’s retail operations, the company introduced a wholesale operation.  Nateck’s Lumpia House welcomes and sells directly to retailers all over the Philippine Islands.  Retailers include small street vendors, upscale restaurants, and everything in between.  Some vendors sell their product under their name, but some choose to sell their product under their own brand name. This arrangement has been very well received. This opportunity gives vendors enormous freedom to include the product into their business, no matter the size and scope.  People love the taste of Nateck’s Chicken Lumpia so much that they want sell it themselves.


Nateck’s Lumpia House want you to sell their product. They don’t offer franchising, but rather a better option that will give you MORE flexibility and a LOWER start-up cost. With franchises, besides huge start-up cost, they are very RESTRICTIVE in the way the product is sold.

At Nateck’s Lumpia House, they offer you the FREEDOM to incorporate thei product into your business plan, customized to fit your goals, budgets, and scale of business. Whether you have a sit-down restaurant, or even a side walk food stand, their product is perfect for you!

NATECK’S offer you options:

With their business offer, you get to select the options that are best for your business. For example:

  • If you wish to sell their product as-is, (in the uncooked state), you could re-sell it at a retail price you determine. This is perfect for grocery stores, or even neighborhood home stores.
  • If you own any type of eatery, large or small, or plan to open a brand new eatery, you can sell their product cooked, and charge 3 to 5 times the price of the uncooked version, depending on the scale and atmosphere of your eatery.
  • You can sell the product under their name, Nateck’s Chicken Lumpia, and benefit from their advertisements, or sell the product under your own name.  You the FREEDOM to choose what is best for your business! No Franchise will ever let you do that.

The product is your product

Their product is sold in packages of 10 pieces.  Each package is sold at a factory direct low price! This allows retailers room for mark-ups. There are no contracts to sign. You order at intervals which is right for your business.


The product is shipped frozen to most major islands in the Philippines, and has an expected shelf life of up to 2 weeks.  It is packed in styro boxes, which contain 160 packages, and kept frozen with dry ice.

  • NOTE: Depending on area shipped to, there may be a minimum quantity per order. Call for details.

Try a sample first

Most New Customers first want to sample their product.  Nateck’s Lumpia House, understand this and welcome the opportunity to introduce their product to new businesses. Contact them and you can discuss samples.

Nateck’s Lumpia House are looking forward to do business with you and help your business grow with their delicious lumpia!

Contact Information:

Dove Street, De Paul Real Homes Subdivision
Caisili, 6001 Consolacion, Cebu, Philippines
Tel: (032) 423-4239
Mobile: (0906)878-8680
Website: (This link will open on a new window)

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