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Mango-Ong Foodcart

Image of Mango Ong FoodcartWho can resists the combination of Green Mango and Bagoong. This combination will likely crave the taste buds of every Filipino. The pairing of sour green mango and a salty fermented shrimp paste is a perfect combination and mouth-watering to some of us.  Mangoes and bagoong are common in picknick and pulutan. Until recently, these favorites are now made available even in malls by Mango-Ong food cart.

Mango-Ong offers a freshly sliced green mango on stick topped with bagoong. Shrimp paste comes in different variants such as the regular, sweet and spicy. A half-sliced mango with bagoong is sold for 20 pesos. Aside from mango, Mango-Ong also offers slices of Singkamas or Jicama for 10 pesos. For bagoong lovers, an additional extra scoop will cost 3 pesos.

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