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Anjo Farms, Inc.

Image of Anjo Farms, Inc. Anjo Farms Milkfish (Bangus) is grown in Pangasinan where the famous Bonuan Bangus come from. The processing plant is located a few kilometers away from the farm ensuring locked-in freshness upon freezing.

Anjo Farms’ high standards in hygiene and proper handling is recognized as it is the only farm authorized to export to the EU.

  • Deboned Milkfish Plain
  • Deboned Smoked Milkfish
  • Deboned Marinated Milkfish
  • Deboned Tocino Milkfish
  • Deboned Hot & Spicy Milkfish
  • Premium Belly
  • Premium Belly in BBQ Sauce
  • Premium Belly Adobo
  • Premium Belly Teriyaki
  • Bangus Longanisa
  • Bangus Shanghai Rolls
  • Bangus Sisig

Contact Information:

1610-A Singalong Street
Paco 1007 Paco, Manila,
Contact No: (632) 523-5150
Fax No: (632) 523 5148

Plant Site:
Barrio Sabangan, San Fabian, Pangasinan, Philippines

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  • Mye

    Gusto ko lang mag inquire kung paano maging dealer at kung magkano? Sana po makasagot agad ang inquiry ko. thanks.

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