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Ice Cream House

Image of Ice Cream House Ice Cream House  was first started in 1991 as a small ice cream store in Sariaya, Quezon province and called it the Ice Buko Center.  It was a brilliant concept of entrepreneur Stan “Jun” Castillo, a veteran of the ice cream business, having being in the industry for more than 20 years.

In 1989, he started by selling ice buko (coconut popsicles),targeting the CDE market.  His ice buko brand, Oro Blanco, created a new level of quality in this once overlooked product category. His branding strategy was a success and soon he was able to wipe out most of his backyard-based rivals and he then launched other brands—Gold Delight,  Primrose, So Cool and John and Candy, among others—and moved on to the ice cream category.

In 2001, he established the first Ice Cream Store at San Joaquin, Pasig City with P300,000 in capital. The Ice Cream Store was similar to the old Ice Buko Center, except that it also sold ice cream and light meals like pizza and pasta.  And by 2007, Castillo had renamed all of his stores as Ice Cream House. Castillo has also developed new ice cream lines and improved product quality. He is particularly proud of his all-coconut milk ice cream line, Fruity Coco, which he claims is the first of its kind in the world.

In 2005, Castillo opened the business for franchising. Currently, a third of Ice Cream House stores are franchised, while the rest are company-owned.  With 63 branches, Ice Cream House is set to fulfill Castillo’s vision of ice cream everyday for everyone.

Contact Information:

20 Kalayaan Avenue
Barangay Malaya, Quezon City
Tel: (02) 392-4115

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  • Ray

    interested to build one,how much it would cost me for franchise and building a store?

  • cathy

    im from baguio much would it cost if i avail franchise of ur ice cream?how about distibutorship if able?

  • Maricel C Bustamante

    Hello! Im interested to franchise your product. Can you please send me all the information and requirements. Thank you very much.

  • coching redondo tugade

    good pm! interested in putting up here in lemery, Batangas. How much it would cost for the whole store including franchise?

  • leo aseo

    im leo ask lng how much a franchise cp # 09079093175

  • jaime of ilocos province

    hi im nathan im interested how much it will cost the franchise of your product?

  • jessie angeles

    hi…i like the halo halo in cream house
    and im interested about your product… the franchise Ph 300 would be all?
    would you find a location for me? can i request for more details

  • Agin Yap

    Hi Im interested about your product. How much it will cost to franchise this ice cream house?. Hoping for your reply, thankyou :)

  • Gary Tan

    Hi jun

    I am very proud of your success after reading about how you started this business -from a humble beginning backyard store to where you are now. I am now very excited about your franchising scheme and look forward to hear from you in details as to the fees involve, term and conditions etc.
    Kindly let me know so that I can do an evaluation with my partners.
    I can be reach with the above email.

  • angelica ednaco

    Hi… gxto ko po mlaman how much un franchise ng product. Thank you po

  • angelica ednaco

    Interested pro ako mron pro ba available name good for small spaces lng

  • karen

    hi! i’m interested in franchising your product. please send me details. thank you!

  • ryan aldrin chan

    Hi I like to inquire how to franchise your ice cream house?and how much? Pls text or call me at 09178488692

  • redginna jabagat

    i would like to forchase you ice cream product as soon as possible…..09163377467

  • Bless

    Good Evening! i would like to inquire on how to franchise this ice cream house. Please e-mail me for the informations. Thank you!

  • Joylette T. Dimitui

    How much it will cost to franchise this ice cream house?

  • gino

    i’m gino, ask lang how much to franchise your product. good for small spaces like one or two freezer..

  • mona tabangin

    Good day!! I am interested to franchise your product. Let me if how much? Pls do reply. Thank you

  • John Charlo Morris


    Good Day…

    I would like to inquire on how to franchise on your ice cream house. Any details pertaining as to the fees, terms and conditions. Just send it to my e-mail.
    Thank you.

  • manolito buduan

    i am interested to franchise on your ice cream house. pls provide me some information and cost on how to franchise of the said business.thank you sir in advance.godbless

  • JOE

    Hello! Im interested to franchise your product. Can you please send me all the information and requirements. Thank you very much

  • percy quisto

    I’m from Bulacan, ask ko lng po magkano franchising fee? Please me the details. Thanks

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