RDEX Quality Foods

rdex RDEX Food International Philippines, Inc. is a member of the RD Group of Companies and was founded by their President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Rodrigo E. Rivera Sr. Located in and around General Santos City in the southern Philippines.  RDEX operates five business divisions: Aquaculture Division, Agriculture Division, Processing Division, Cold Storage Division, and Ice Plant Division.

Since its inception, RDEX has and continues to provide superior quality products through its wide distribution channels to both international and domestic markets. International customers in the United States, Japan, Europe and Southeast Asia trust RDEX to provide for their seafood and value-added products

The distribution of products in the domestic market is primarily coursed through stand alone stores, which are known as RDEX Tuna Shops. These shops are located around the Philippines and individual customers are able to purchase products that appeal to the local palate.  Customers in the catering and restaurant business are able to avail of RDEX Products through authorized dealers.

RDEX Products:

  • TUNA  –  Loin, Saku, Steak, Cubes, Pieces, Ground, Strips, Tuna Collar (Panga), Tuna Belly,Tuna Tail
  • READY-TO-COOK TUNA  –  Nuggets, Fingers, Longganisa, Burger Patties, Embutido, Sisig, Siomai
  • SHRIMP  –  Head-on, Shell-on Shrimp; Headless, Shell-on Shrimp; Peeled, Tail-on Shrimp; Peeled-Deveined, Tail-on Shrimp
  • READY-TO-COOK SHRIMP  –  Breaded Shrimp, Shrimp Popcorn, Whole Shrimp with Tuna Spring Rolls, Shrimp Patties, Shrimp Bomb
  • MILKFISH  –  Whole Milkfish, Plain Boneless Milkfish, Marinated Boneless Milkfish
  • COBIA  –  Cobia Roundsteak. Cobia Cubes, Cobia Fillet

Contact Information:

RDEX Food International Philippines, Inc.
Ground Floor 1, RD Realty Bldg.,
National Highway, Dadiangas East
General Santos City, Philippines
Phone: (083) 302-2038 (083) 301-3681
(083) 301-3680 (083) 301-3687 (083) 301-9205
Email: rdex@rdex.com.ph
Website: http://www.rdex.com.ph (This link will open on a new window)

Contact Persons:

  • Roy C. Rivera: rcr@rdcorp.com.ph
  • Roger E. Rivera: rerivera1@rdex.com.ph
  • Mariano D. Demafeliz III: mddemafeliz@rdex.com.ph

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