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Army Navy Burger and Burrito

Image of Army Navy Burger and Burrito Army Navy Burger and Burrito was first established in Tagaytay City in March of 2009.  In less than two weeks, the Army Navy Burger and Burrito’s second branch just opened in Glorietta 5.  Among their offerings are pure beef burgers, burritos, soft tacos, quesadillas, fries, and their own Fearless Fried Chicken.

The famous Bully Boy Burger of Army Navy is the most favorite, a three quarter pound natural beef patties, topped with fresh crispy lettuce, tomato slice and onions, mayo and ketchup on toasted Sesame Seed Kaiser Bun which was conceived to feed a battalion!

For franchising inquiry, Contact:

Army Navy Central Headquarters
Phone: (+632) 407-3181
Telefax: (+632) 403-2891

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  • grena karganilla

    Hi. We are interested in army navy. Highly appreciate if you can give me full details regarding the process of international franchising. Thanks

  • Sean Latham

    While hear on business, we had a chance to visit one of your locations. What could one antipate for start up costs for a franchise location and have you looked at franchising in the US? Thank you.

  • Natalie Lim

    Hi, I am interested in franchising army navy in Malaysia. Could you please send me more details about it? Thanks.

  • Franz Alday

    hello! i’m interested in franchising the army navy. could you please send me details of it on my e-mail account, thank you!

  • jahan mohammed

    good day! hi im interested here and i would like to ask if how much to franchise army navy burger? please send me more details and ITR thankyou..

  • sam

    how much will it cost to franchise? thanks!

  • Mani


    Please give me details on how and how much it cost to franchise in manila philippines .

  • Scout

    Hey good stuff here. I ask for the same details as the above guests. Would appreciate it a great deal if you could. Thanks!
    I’m an Army Veteran looking for a new venture and I think this is perfect. Out.

  • cynthia tapiru-singh

    good day!!
    am just interested to have a franchise, here in dasma city.
    how much it wil cost?

  • Lorraine

    hi, I’m interested to know how to franchise army navy in Quezon, City. Can you send me the details in my e-mail, Thank you very much.

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