Holly’s Really Farm Fresh Milk

hollys_milkHolly’s Really Farm Fresh Milk is a product of Real Fresh Dairy Farms, Inc., which began it’s dairy activity in July of 2007 with the procurement of 100 pregnant dairy heifers imported from New Zealand. These Holstein-Sahiwal dairy cattle are currently grazed and milked at a 27 hectare farm in Barangay Masaya, Bay, Laguna under the care of Real Fresh Dairy Farms, Inc. management consisting of a farm manager per shift, two veterinarians, a sanitation engineer, one lab technician at the processing end, and 14 farmers.

Real Fresh Dairy Farms, Inc. (RFDFI) is consistently active in distributing Holly’s Really Farm Fresh Milk and dairy products with the highest quality assurance with our processing at the Animal Dairy and Sciences Cluster, College of Agriculture, UP Los Baños, Laguna.  They hope to increase fresh milk consumption in households and institutions in the country to effectively develop growing preference for fresh milk as “the most nearly perfect food”.

Real Fresh Dairy Farms, Inc. (RFDFI) produces quality fresh milk and dairy products through the highest standards of farm management, processing and development. They look to developing fresh milk as a natural staple food for the country, a land flowing with milk and good health.


Milk Products

  • Pasteurized Whole Fresh Milk
  • Low Fat Milk
  • Chocolate Flavored Milk

Dairy Products

  • White Cheese (Quesong Puti)
  • Butter (lightly Salted)
  • Yoghurt (Low Fat Yoghurt)
  • Cream Cheese

Contact Details of Holly’s Fresh Milk:

Real Fresh Dairy Farms, Inc.
3/F Centrum II Building, 150 Valero St.,
Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines
Telephone Number: (632) 815-4406 local 206
Telefax: (632) 813-1385
Cellphone Numbers: 0939.540.6908, 0918.933.0276
Email: info.hollysmilk@gmail.com
Website: http://www.hollysmilk.com (This link will open on a new window)

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