Kangaroo Jack Steaks, Grills & Sizzlers

kangaroo_jackKangaroo Jack Steaks, Grills & Sizzlers, a Filipino-Australian food concept where one can enjoy an excellent value for-money dining experience consisting of quality products and great customer service in a safe, clean and casual environment.

Established in 2006, Kangaroo Jack offers a wide array of mouth-watering appetizers, your favorite snacks, sumptuous entrees, sampler dishes to share as well as thirst quenching beverages especially prepared and served by a team of dedicated men and women eager to make each meal worthy of a vow to come back.

The menu line-up boasts of delectable porterhouse, rib-eye, tenderloin, and T-bone steaks, sizzling meals and grills. Kangaroo Jack also serves burgers, pizza, nachos and quesadilla.

Capitalizing on its franchisor’s excellent track record of managing recognized and competent franchise brands, Kangaroo Jack also offers promising and profitable investment opportunities through an aggressive franchise development plan.

How to Franchise Kangaroo Jack:

Franchise Package

  • Full Store :  Call  (50-130 sqm)
  • Kiosk :  Call (20-45 sqm)

Kangaroo Jack Franchise Inclusive of:

  • Franchise fee
  • Leasehold improvement
  • Dining tables & chairs
  • Kitchen equipments
  • Security bond
  • Security and advance deposits

With unwavering commitment to help franchisees succeed, Kangaroo Jack Steaks, Grills & Sizzlers has established a comprehensive franchise support program to provide the vital resources you need to operate in today’s restaurant market. Our support program includes:

  • Site Feasibility Study
  • Store Design & Layout
  • Use of Logo & Trademark
  • Comprehensive Training Program
  • Use of Training & Operations Manuals
  • Pre-Opening & Grand Opening Assistance
  • Opening Team Support (to be assigned for the first 2 weeks of operation)
  • Marketing & On-going Support Program
  • Continuous Research & Development

Contact Details of Kangaroo Jack:

Specialty Beans Phils. Inc. (Head Office)
D11 Bldg.5, 168 San Vicente Road
Brgy. San Vicente, San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines
Phone: (+632) 869-0084 (Operations & Franchising)
Email: sbpi_operations@hotmail.com

Basics of Franchising Kangaroo Jack Steaks, Grills & Sizzlers

Benefits of Franchising Kangaroo Jack Steaks, Grills & Sizzlers

  • There is high success rate due to its business model rather than starting from scratch.
  • Kangaroo Jack Steaks, Grills & Sizzlers is a recognized brand or trademark that can guarantee you with success.
  • Financing that may come from various sectors may be availed easily when putting up a good reputation franchise like Kangaroo Jack Steaks, Grills & Sizzlers.
  • A franchisee may also secure huge profit when success formulas are met such as low-cost supplies, proper placement, and good marketing techniques.

What to consider when franchising Kangaroo Jack Steaks, Grills & Sizzlers

1. Make sure that you really want to own this franchise and this will best fit your venture among other offered business opportunities.

2. Be certain that you can work harmoniously with Kangaroo Jack Steaks, Grills & Sizzlers franchise and it is within your interest. A visit to one of the franchise store will help you be more aware of operation and proceedings.

3. Carefully study the Terms and Condition, Franchise Agreement, and what are included in franchising Kangaroo Jack Steaks, Grills & Sizzlers.

4. Check if Kangaroo Jack Steaks, Grills & Sizzlers franchise will be compatible with the rules and regulation, as well as existing laws on chosen location.

5. Best location is one key aspect to have a successful Kangaroo Jack Steaks, Grills & Sizzlers franchise. Study the environment and see if your business suits the surroundings.

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