How to Make Calamansi Preserved

Calamansi juices can be used in beverages, sauce, herbal medicine and more. The extracted juice, with the right process can be preserved and bottled both for commercial or personal use. Here are simple steps in preserving the calamansi juice.

  1. Select big, green calamansi fruits
  2. Cut slits in the lower end of the fruit to extract the seeds and the juice
  3. Soak the de-juiced fruit in water overnight
  4. Boil in a copper vat with enough water
  5. Remove from the fire when the natural green color of the fruit has set
  6. Soak again in water for three (3) days but change the water often
  7. Boil in plenty of water three or 4 times but change the water after boiling
  8. Drain
  9. Cook in syrup (2 parts sugar to 1 part water) for 15 minutes. Soak overnight
  10. Boil in the same syrup until it begins to thicken
  11. Drain syrup
  12. Pack calamansi in jars and pour strained syrup
  13. Remove bubbles, refill, half-seal, and sterilize 12 oz jars for 20 minutes in boiling water


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