Shake Republic

Shake Republic Co. was formerly Jelly Blends Pearl Shakes, established on October 10, 2010. After four years of experience in blending business, we decided to change the name due to the growing demand for high quality gourmet shakes that enhance everyone's satisfaction. Shake Rep more ...

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Eight Strokes MEDiSPA

Eight Strokes MEDiSPA, one of the premier wellness provider and client-friendly health spa in Las Pinas City providing quality and affordable health and wellness services. Previously named EIGHT STROKES HEALTH SPA. Eight Strokes MEDiSPA services include Deep Tissue Massage, Medic more ...

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Tablea Chocolate Cafe

Tabléa Chcocoate Café takes its name from its principal ingredient. Tabléa (or tableya) is a tablet made from pure cacao. The cacao beans are dried, roasted and ground, and then formed into tablets traditionally used in the Philippines to make hot chocolate. Tabléa Chocolate Cafe more ...

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Captain Baboy Processed Meat Products

Captain Baboy, a processed meat products come fresh from our state-of-the-art farm (LNA Farms) located in Santa Ines, San Miguel, Bulacan. We offer a Straightforward Direct Selling Program to qualified applicants who wish to make extra income every month by selling Captain Baboy more ...

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How to make Coco Pan (Pandesal with Coconut Flour)

Coco Pan is a special type of pandesal where the highest quality ingredients are used and is always freshly-baked. It is made by substituting coconut flour with wheat flour at 10% level. Coconut flour refers to the screened food-grade product obtained after drying, expelling and/ more ...

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Coconut-Banana Intercropping

BIO-PHYSICAL BASIS FOR INTERCROPPING In monocrop coconut, much area is left unproductive throughout its life span. The effective root area per coconut palm is only 12.5 sq m and the functional roots are concentrated between 30 and 130 cm depth, which give an ample space for inter more ...

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2012 Philippine Franchise, Business, and Entrepreneur

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